Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method for job-site storage of the pipes?

It is generally advantageous to store pipe on flat timber supports. When storing pipe directly on the ground, be sure that the area is relatively flat and free of rocks and other potentially damaging debris. When the pipes are stacked in layers please use bearing beams and wedges. The pipe stacking height depends on the pipe diameter and the mode of transportation. Please follow the general safety guidelines accordingly. The pipes can be stacked in layers or in offset stacks as listed below.

meyer stack
meyer stacking chart

If I require budgetary numbers for your products to consider feasibility, what is the best method to obtain this information?

To contact a Sales Representative or locate a Manufacturer’s Representative in your region regarding pricing, setting up a product presentation or other general product inquiries, please contact Nabil Shehade at

How can I obtain a sample piece of your products?

Contact our Inside Sales Coordinator, Vanessa R. Moore or call our office at (909)434-1888.

What is the maximum joint articulation (angular deflection) allowed Meyer Polycrete jacking pipe for joint tightness after installation?

angular deflection

What is the maximum joint articulation (angular deflection) allowed during the drive for Meyer Polycrete jacking pipe?

angular deflection steering

What is the longest drive for Meyer Polycrete in the United States?

The longest jacking drive in the US (one push), with the use of Meyer Polymer Concrete Jacking pipe, has been successfully done by Paul Vadnais Construction on the Murrietta project in Southern California. The initial plan was to split it into two sections (630 feet and 850 feet). The contractor decided to combine the drives to make it one push. The total drive was 1,480 feet.

What are the allowable jacking forces and push lengths of the Meyer product compared to other products on the market?

According to our market research, the below graph provides a representative comparison of the jacking force capacity of the different pipe materials offered in the industry.

jacking force